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Learn more the about Your Conservative Association, our role in electing a Conservative Member of Parliament, and supporting the Conservative Party.

Learn about Your Conservative Association

Your Conservative Association is guided by the following objectives set out in our constitution:

  1. Supporting and promoting the principles, objectives and policies of the Party and maintaining an effective Association for that purpose.
  2. Providing organizational and financial support to the Party’s candidate or Member of Parliament in our Riding.
  3. Raising money and maintaining a fund to support the Association and assist candidates.
  4. Actively identifying potential supporters and recruiting new members.
  5. Encouraging the participation and recruitment of youth.
  6. Complying with the obligations, and benefiting from the rights and privileges of being recognized by National Council.

About the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages your Conservative Association with the goal of holding the seat for the Conservative Party of Canada. We receive our mandate from the membership, and are elected by the membership at the annual AGM to achieve the objectives of the Association.

Your EDA Here
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P.O. Box: 1234
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Phone: 6135551111
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